Technology only works if you know how to utilize it. That’s why our on-site IT training begins as we reconfigure, supplement, or develop your systems, bringing your workforce up to speed so your organization can expand.

Brasil Bibio Techno offers concentrated and targeted workshops on how to use technology in your organization. Our professionals deliver programs that particularly target the challenges relevant to your organization, ranging from monthly lunch-and-learns to full-scale IT training programs. This training may be tailored to individual groups, departments, or your whole workforce.

Some of the training programs we offer are:

  • The Microsoft 365 software application package is a goldmine of corporate solutions that improve productivity, security, and efficiency. Unfortunately, not many businesses are utilizing these technologies to their full potential. Our Microsoft 365 training services will educate you and your teams on the products offered and guarantee that your company is getting the most out of its investment.
  • When it comes to cyber dangers such as phishing, your employees are frequently the biggest and most vulnerable victims. You can train your end-users with automated attack simulations, top-tier security awareness training, and actionable reporting metrics using BBT Phishing Simulation.
  • Ransomware has become a multibillion-dollar industry, phishing techniques are becoming more complex, and more firms are being attacked. Getting cybersecurity training is on cybersecurity solutions the first step in protecting your company from cyber-attacks. Our tech can educate your workforce and internal IT team on the current risks and which technologies may be adopted to defend your business. Our customized training cover the following topics:

  • Different Types of Cyber Threats
  • Identity Services
  • Internet-Related Threats
  • Email, Social Media, and Website Usage
  • Keeping Company Data Safe
  • How to Report Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities
  • Reporting and Testing

We provide training across the country in your offices or ours, with the best program on software development, mobile development, and service delivery on Latin-American (ITIL).

We are the best option for IT training and certification in areas related to software development since we have a staff of more than 30 technical experts with extensive experience.

We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Mobile application development Android.
  • iOS App Development.
  • Mobile development with Ionic or React.
  • Automated tests using tools like Katalon, SonarQube, Appium, and others.
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD) application development.
  • Application development using Angular.
  • Project Management (PMI Certified Instructors).
  • ITIL Foundations (ITIL Certified Instructors) in both face-to-face and e-learning formats.
  • Big Data and Hadoop are two terms that are frequently used interchangeably.
  • Sharepoint Application Development.
  • SQL Server and Oracle database integration.
  • CMMI-based requirement capture.
  • Quality control based on the CMMI model.
  • SCRUM-based project management (SCRUM Certified Instructors).