Business Email Security

Learn how to secure your in-office and mobile staff with smart emails IT solutions.

Email Encryption

Emails have become a key target for hackers as the working world evolves to a remote style with more endpoints than ever before. Email encryption protects both your employees and your company's sensitive information. By automatically encrypting your outbound emails, Brasil Bilbio Tech's email encryption solution offers an economical, flexible approach to safeguard your information and avoid data breaches or unwanted usage. Our skilled IT experts can swiftly set up this service and assist you in developing specific encryption policies based on keywords, sender, recipient, content, attachments, and other criteria. Our non-proprietary automated systems employ 128-bit AES (FIPS-compliant) email encryption to:

  • Prevent data breaches by detecting and blocking connections containing predefined key characteristics.
  • Protect critical consumer or private company data, such as new product development plans or research, during transfer.
  • Allow for PCI, HIPAA, and other local or state government norms and requirements about safe email communications and data protection.
Simulated Phishing Attack

When it comes to cyber dangers like phishing, your workers are frequently the most vulnerable. You can teach your end-users with automated attack simulations, top-tier security awareness training, and meaningful reporting metrics with Brasil Bilbio Tech's Phishing Simulation.

Customizable Simulations

With genuine SPAM emails, you can create memorable campaigns.

Useful Metrics

Our reporting metrics provide advice on how to improve your entire email security posture.

Backing Up Private Email Content

In addition to perimeter security measures, you should have backup and recovery methods in place. In the case of a security issue or natural disaster, recovery solutions make it simple for your staff to continue working. Specialized email continuity strategies also help your company satisfy legal obligations, such as those established in GDPR.

Best Practices for Email Security

Maintain the smooth operation of all your moving parts. Expand on current security tactics by including end-user-focused capabilities like two-factor authentication and single-sign-on. These easy solutions encourage best-practice security practices while protecting your company's data.

  • Single-Sign-On
  • Conditional Access
  • 2-Factor Authentication

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