Data Integration and Analysis with BI

Learn about the capacity to respond quickly and securely based on an examination of integrated, trustworthy, and timely information. With well-structured dashboards and appealing visuals.

Our BI and analytics solutions enable firms to anticipate the competition by analyzing integrated, trustworthy, and fast data. Implementing data integration and analysis with business intelligence based on multi-platform technologies that deliver “the benefit of two seconds.”

How do we do it?

For data integration and analysis with business intelligence in SST, we employ agile approaches and platform-independent solutions like TIBCO Jaspersoft, TIBCO Spotfire, Jasper ETL, JasperStudio, Visualize JS, and the assistance of international professionals from IT-NOVA. To carry out this service, the following actions-variables must also be considered:

The Requirements Study provides us with the specifications and completes the scope of the project, including project requirements definition, Data analysis, and variables to be included, Data source examination.

It entails the design and development of data extraction and integration methods, the definition of tools and procedures for extracting, transforming, and loading data, and the frequency with which data is updated.


– Display of information
– Report or report preparation
– Analytics and dashboard creation

The Data warehouse ideas are covered in the Design phase, which covers, among other things, database design and implementation in an integrated DBMS.

It entails the following tasks: Dimensional Cube design and development, domain and datamart construction, and dimension and metric implementation.

– Configuration and installation of bought solutions
 When you have JasperServer, you may configure an assortment of roles and profiles.
– System evaluations

Characteristics of the service

Our clients will value our ability to anticipate competition by utilizing integrated, rapid, and trustworthy information analysis. Using our solutions based on multi-platform technologies, we ensure data integration and analysis with Business Intelligence.

TIBCO Jaspersoft is the world’s most comprehensive business intelligence package. Its success may be attributed to its broad range of services, flexible and lightweight architecture, and flexible subscription model.

JASPERSOFT provides reports, dashboards, data analysis, and data integration services for independent and integrated BI solutions.

Enhanced data connection, in-depth analytics, automated and expert guidance it is simple to share and cooperate governance that has been proven and is scalable, the administration is centralized.


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) provides organizations with The Two-Second Edge TM (the “Two-Second Advantage”) – the capacity to capture the correct information precisely when it is needed and utilize it to achieve a competitive advantage. TIBCO is trusted by over 4,000 clients worldwide.
SAS and IT-NOVA assistance: IT-NOVA is a Colombian corporation comprised of specialists with vast expertise in project management and administration of information systems projects, as well as a TIBCO Master Partner for Latin America.

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