Microsoft Security

Brasil Biblio Tech is perfectly positioned to assist your company in implementing Microsoft’s extensive security solutions as a Gold Tier Microsoft Partner and MSUS Partner Award recipient. We’ll make sure your business grows safely, from identity management to device and data encryption, so you can focus on what’s important.

Keeping Your Microsoft Platform Secure

Microsoft’s integrated security operations and solutions are divided into four categories: identity and access management, threat protection, information protection, and security management. These components work together to save corporate expenses (through a single integrated solution), safeguard hybrid environments efficiently, and provide best-practice security baselines.

Identify and access management

Azure Active Directory
Conditional Access
Windows Hello
Windows Credential Guard

Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Analytics
Windows Defender Advanced
Threat Protection
Offiece365 Advanced
Threat Protection
Office 365 Threat Intelligence

Information Protection

Azure Information Protection
Office365 Data
Loss Prevention
Information Protection
Microsoft Cloud
App Security
Office 365 Advanced
Security Mgmt
Microsoft Intune

Security Management

Azure Security Center
Office 365 Security Center
Windows Defender
Security Center

Best Security Practices from Microsoft

Defense-in-depth strategy applied to all cloud services, from the physical to the application/data layers

Lifecycle of Security Development (SDL)
A company-wide, required development approach that incorporates security throughout all stages of development.

Intelligence on threats
Comprehensive threat intelligence, modeling, analysis, and controls are built into systems.

Access and Identity
Concentrate on identity controls and tools, as well as internal threat prevention throughout the stack, including operations.


Consider Breach Simulation.

A dedicated “red team” of security experts simulates real-world assaults at the network, platform, and application layers, evaluating Azure’s ability to detect, protect against, and recover from breaches.

Response to an Incident
A global incident response service that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to reduce the consequences of assaults and malicious behavio

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