We develop and construct infrastructure on which all technology in businesses runs, delivering the highest connection, performance, and processing capacity in the industry.

Cabling Structure
The structured cable system is the global platform on which businesses build their overall information system strategy. In the same way, that information exchange is critical for your business; your cabled system is the lifeblood of your network.

Climate Change and Energy
Data Centers are critical components for the proper operation of the majority of organizations. These environments are very sensitive and demanding, necessitating the use of reliable, resilient, and capable systems capable of meeting stringent parameters to ensure the continuity of operations.

Reliable security systems protect people and things.

Storage and Servers
With BBTSI LTDA’s Server and Storage solutions, you can revolutionize data center computing and data environments.

We understand that obtaining technical equipment for your company might be a concern due to failures and care, which is why we offer all repair, maintenance, and leasing services, providing you with a full solution.

  • After-Sales Service and Technical Support
  • Workshop for Equipment Diagnostics and Repair
  • Leasing of Communication Equipment
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