Document Solutions

With our document solutions, you can work collaboratively, remotely, and securely.

Our document solutions assist your company in consolidating critical information and data, making it easy and quick to access.

Consolidating all of your data so that vital information is easily accessible is an important step toward attaining IT efficiency. Backup, company continuity, remote working, and productivity are all impacted after all of your data are organized

  • Tailored document solutions for businesses only

It is critical to ensure that key information is easily accessible to achieve corporate efficiency.

  • File access and permissions are within your control.
  • Making use of enterprise-level security
  • Simple file synchronization and sharing for teamwork and distance working
  • File sync and sharing solution

Modern workforces are becoming more mobile, and employees must use technology to collaborate. You must be able to equip your employees with solutions that allow them to effortlessly resume where they left off with their files, whether they are at home, at the office, or out in the field with their laptops.
Your staff should be able to work from anywhere without needing to connect to VPNs or terminal servers, and you should not have to deal with a data security catastrophe if they lose their device.

These issues are addressed by our file sync and sharing solution.

  • Specifically designed and constructed for corporate and commercial applications.
  • File synchronization between devices is safe and simple.
  • File sharing with required colleagues or divisions. Access may be tailored using multi-level user rights.
  • Collaborative effort.
  • Any device may access files remotely and mobile. No VPN is required.
  • Built-in data leak protection – device security and remote wipe – keeps critical data out of the hands of the wrong people.

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